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Q1:  What does GEBSS stand for?

A1: GEBSS stands for Graduate Business Support Scheme

Q2:  How do I apply to the scheme?

A2: Beneficiaries may apply on the website  They can also walk into any zonal offices to register/apply. They may also email to request an application form

Q3:  How does the scheme work?

A3: GEBSS practical training, exposure and mentoring programs for unemployed Graduates are divided into four (4) tiers with duration of 12 months. The first tier of 5 days will involve a comprehensive session preparing 10,000 unemployed Graduates nationwide with requisite competencies (attitudes, skills and knowledge) to identify opportunities to set up own businesses.

The second level targets 2,000 participants for a one week hand holding session, culminating in ability to produce viable business plans that can attract investment funding.

At the third level, 500 participants are professionally guided and attached to local industries for relative experience for a period. This will be followed by an incubation support.

The ultimate level four (4) will support one hundred (100) selected participants at executive- level mentoring and overseas exposure to acquire international best practices to set up 100 trans- generational businesses in Ghana.

Q4:  How will I know the progress of my application?

A4: GEBSS sends periodic updates to beneficiaries via Email, text message and phone calls. Applicants can also follow GEBSS on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among other social networks.

Q5: I am in my final year in a tertiary institution, am I eligible to participate in the scheme?

A5: No. You will not be eligible. The scheme is open to tertiary graduates who have completed national service. However you can attend training under tier 1.

Q6:  Will any support be given to preparation of business plans?
A6:  Yes. GEBSS attaches beneficiaries to consultants who provide them (beneficiaries) with free services on their business concepts development including business plans

Q7:  In the roll out of the 4-tier program, what will be the duration of each tier?
A7:  Approximately 3 months.

Q8:  Will Non-profit/Social Entrepreneurship projects be admitted to the scheme?

A8:  For Profit non-governmental organizations will be admitted

Q9:  When do I start benefitting from the scheme?

A9:  You start benefiting from the scheme after registering and attending the training sessions

Q10:  Should an application be submitted only once or can it be repeated in subsequent years?

A10:   Yes if the deficiencies are corrected to improve your business plan

Q11:  Will selection slots for the final 100 business plans be allocated to each region?

A11:  Not really.

Q12: I’m working on a plan with a group of people; can we submit it as a group?
A12:  Yes, you can.

Q13:  How will you protect my business plan from being copied or stolen?

A13:  All business plans submitted to the scheme are well protected from being copied or stolen.

Q14:  What makes GEBSS different from other schemes?

A14: GEBSS target group (tertiary graduates who have completed National service) makes it different from other schemes. Besides, this scheme is a Public Private Partnership. Also GEBSS is aided by a competent technical support team and qualified Zonal and administrative personnel.   Moreover, hand-holding business focused activity specifically dedicated to the country’s unemployed graduates.

 Q15: I have an invention, not a plan, can I submit it?
 A15:  Yes, you can. You will be help to put your invention into a plan.

Q16:  Who is GEBSS affiliated with?
A16: GEBSS is in partnership with the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations. The scheme is a Public Private Partnership.

Q17:  If my business plan is accepted in the final 100, how will it be financed? Where is the funding coming from?
A17:  Yes, it will be financed. Funding will come from participating banks.

Q18:  My proposal is ready; can I submit it to the GEBSS office or by post?
A18:  Yes, you can submit it as an attachment in an email or by post to P.O. Box AT 128, Achimota.  

Q19: Does the scheme stand alone, or will it collaborate with other stakeholders and agencies to prevent duplications?
A19:  GEBSS complements ongoing Government support programs such as the Local Enterprises and skill Development program (LESDEP), the Youth Enterprises and Skill Development Centre (YESDEC), and the Rural Enterprises Project (REP) amongst others with hand-holding business focused activity specifically dedicated to the country’s unemployed graduates.

Q20:  My business is already in operation; do I still qualify for the scheme?

A20:  Yes, you are qualified.

Q21:  What are the legal obligations of the 100 businesses that are finally selected?
A21:  They are required to pay back their start-up money and remain in operation while expanding and implementing best practices to grow the business.

Q22:  Will a financial support scheme be instituted with the assurance of supporting major ideas?
A22: Yes.

Q23: Does the scheme consider the concept of Crowd Funding?

A23: No.

Q24: Is there a limitation to the capital base of a business one can establish?

A24: No. But there is a limit to the amount you can access from the scheme.

Q25:  I am visually impaired; how does GEBSS accommodate this?
A25: GEBSS accommodates this condition by reaching out to beneficiaries via phone calls; aside emails and text messages; and also during the training sessions, whatever is written is also read out.


Q26:  Do I have to pay for registration or to sign up for training sessions?
A26: No, there is no registration fee, however beneficiaries are required to sign up for the training sessions.  The training sessions are also free

Q27:  Will there be trainings held in my region?
A27:  Yes, GEBSS will hold training sessions in all zonal areas.

Q28: Do I get an allowance for travelling to the training sessions?
A28: No. But all GEBSS trainings are free

Q29:  How long is each training session?

A29:   Each Training session lasts a day

Q30:  Are GEBSS training facilities disability friendly?  
A30: see Q25

Q31:  How do I get contacted for a training session?  
A31: GEBSS sends out emails and text messages as well as phone calls to registered members of the scheme.

Q32:  How do I sign up for a training session?
A32: By visiting the website and registering for a training session.

Q33:  Are training sessions only in English?
A33:  Yes, the training sessions are only in English since Ghana is an English speaking country.


Q34:  What does PPP stand for?
A34:   PPP stands for Private Public Partnership.

Q35:  Since GEBSS is linked with the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations is it politically sustainable?
A35: GEBSS is not necessarily linked to Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations. The two are partners in the scheme and work in collaboration.

Q36:  Will GEBSS have a research department?
A36:  Yes, GEBSS will have a research department

Q37:  Will the scheme be part of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) work?
A37: The Scheme is a Public Private partnership