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Programmes & Services

Graduate Business Support Scheme programmes and services are free and open to all graduates who have completed their national service but are unemployed and want to set up their own businesses. GEBSS programmes & services include, among others:

1.    Business Coaching / guidance
2.    Teaching unemployed graduates write a Business plan
3.    Local and International attachments / internships
4.    Assisting beneficiaries to access the requisite financial support from financial institutions

1.    Business Coaching: GEBSS business coaching is conducted in the form of Business clinics across the length and breadth of the country through the zonal offices. The clinics provide the unemployed graduates with professional business guidance base on sound business services. Graduates are trained and challenged to identify areas of feasible, sustainable business interest where they would be supported to set up and operate.

2.    Teaching unemployed graduates write a Business plan: unemployed graduates are taught how to write bankable business plans. Need step-by-step guidance to help you write a business plan? We can help, with dozens of articles on business plan writing, from writing a mission statement to how to do financial projections and beyond. Also, be sure to check out for our free sample business plan to see how other successful businesses did it.

3.    Local and International attachments / internships: GEBSS also offers business advisory and support services. This program is designed to offer the Unemployed graduates an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their business interests’ areas through a mentor or mentors. The industrial attachment allows the inexperience unemployed graduate to develop positive work ethics while exposing the beneficiary necessary technical skills required to succeed on the on the job.

4.    Assisting beneficiaries to access the requisite financial support from financial institutions: From completing financial projections in your business plan to getting your new business funded, there’s no shortage of money-related tasks to think about.

GEBSS teaches beneficiaries financial models from the point of view of money coming in and money flowing out. Sales and profits are out of the picture, (although sales influences money in and costs and expenses influence money out).  In very simple financial models, beneficiaries get to understand that their sources of money are cash sales, payments from receivables, new loan money, and new investment. They are also thought to know that their expenditures include buying widgets in cash, paying interest, paying bills as they come due (i.e. paying accounts payable), and paying off loans. They then see how vital financial planning is to business survival. It is not nearly as intuitive as the sales forecast, personnel plan, or income statement. The mathematics and the financial are more complex and GEBSS teaches beneficiaries to appreciate this fact of business life.

There are many resources here on to help you get your new business started and keep it healthy. Get new business ideas and resources at our help section dedicated to new business development and planning.
We have a section on starting a business including articles about new business basics, incorporating a business, market research, and much more.

There are over 100 FREE sample business plans available for you to read online.
To help with planning your new business financials, GEBSS offers FREE online, real-time business calculators for Start-up Costs, Cash Flow, and Investment Offering among others.
We offer hundreds of FREE How-To Articles addressing the myriad facets of starting and running a business.